November 1: Economic Expansion and Jobs

October 4: TPP 101 What’s at Stake

April 26: Exports and Small Business Testimony

May 3: World Trade Month Introduction

May 5: Small Business Impacts with the TPP

May 10: Imports and TPP

May 12: Services and TPP

May 17: Manufacturing and TPP

May 24: Agriculture and TPP

May 26: TPP and the Tech Sector

June 3: TPP’s Role in Strengthening America’s Global Leadership

June 9: TPP – Breaking New Ground on Trade

June 16: Global Reach, Local Impact – Trade Supports Jobs in All 50 States

June 23: TPP: Groundbreaking Opportunities for Digital Trade

July 7: U.S. Exporters Need TPP to Boost Opportunity and Competitiveness in Asia-Pacific Region

July 15: TPP Advocacy Resources

July 22: Trade Polls

July 28: TPP – Just the Facts

August 4: TPP: Working for U.S. Small and Medium-Sized Businesses 

August 11: America’s Exporters: ‘We Need Trade Opportunities to Grow’

August 18: TPP: A 21st Century Trade Agreement

August 25: TPP Is an Opportunity to Exercise U.S. Global Leadership That
We Cannot Afford to Miss 

September 1: 15.6 Million Reasons to Support TPP – Particularly on Labor Day

September 8: Brands & Retailers: TPP Will Keep America at the Head of the Class

September 15: America’s Tech Leaders: Pass TPP This Year

September 22: Agricultural, Manufacturing, Services and Technology Leaders Agree: “Pass TPP This Year”

September 29: How TPP Will Benefit America’s Largest Employer

October 6: Delaying the TPP Will Damage U.S. Interests in Asia

October 13: Get Smart on TPP and Learn What’s at Stake for America

October 20: Fact Check: TPP Is an Opportunity for America